Marvel's new Thor via

I have mixed feelings about this, but probably not for the reasons you might think.

I love Jason Aaron as a writer. 

Are “the big three” immune to reinventions or replacements? Hell no.

Should women be represented at the top of marvelentertainment's (or anyone's) hero pyramid of power? Absolutely, but it should come about naturally. 

#CaptainMarvel, for example, has been doing AMAZINGLY well, but that is because kellysue and her team have been doing an amazing job. Yes Captain Marvel was a male character who died and Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) was re-branded as Captain Marvel; but I honestly believe that if kellysue had taken a brand new character and had marvel promote it as much as Captain Marvel was that it would have done just as well.

I don’t have a problem with re-inventing #Thor as a woman, not in the least. Honestly, I sort of hate Thor in #comicbook form, though he’s awesome in the cinematic universe. But a very large part of me feels like this reinvention is entirely driven by money. Marvel sees how well female lead titles are doing right now and they are looking to boost sales of Thor. I guess if $$$ is what it takes for comics to enter the age of equality, then perhaps this will continue to push us in the right direction. In the end I guess the motives shouldn’t bother me if I agree with the results…. but they do, just a little.